Biofilms are microbial communities consisting of bacteria, extremely capable to self-reproduce on biological surfaces, causing infections. Frequently, these biofilms are resistant to classical antibacterial treatments and host immune response. Biofilm infections are the next most dangerous medical condition that will confront both physicians and patients in the 21st century. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed that among all microbial and chronic infections, 65% and 80%, respectively, are associated with biofilm formation. In short biofilm infections kill.  Chronic biofilm infections have been associated with chronic otitis media, chronic sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis, dental plaque, chronic laryngitis, endocarditis, lung infections in cystic fibrosis, kidney stones, biliary tract infections, urinary tract infections, osteomyelitis and chronic wounds. Scientific studies have revealed that antibiotics are inadequate when attempting to treat biofilm infections.


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